About E2 Sponsorships: 

With over 20 years of event production and sponsorship sales experience, Experience Epic leads the south Florida market in securing the right partnerships for events and engaged businesses with a combined total of over $17,500,000 in in-kind and cash sponsorships.  

Focusing on the Why's and the missions of the events and the brands/marketing of the company allows for Experience Epic to maximize value and ensure that there is the best opportunity for positive results within an event engagement.  

The Experience Epic Team has tackled events as large as 125,000 in attendance to smaller (however impactful) events focusing on fundraising, branding, data generating, and sales opportunities.  Their events have been seen on CNN, CNBC Power Lunch, Huffington Post and more.  For more information on our national events production and agency visit www.ExperienceEpic.com

We look forward to crafting the perfect sponsorship for both the event AND the Company! 

Sarah Martin, CEO & Founder of Experience Epic - A FIERCE LEO & FIRECRACKER, Event ARTIST making an IMPACT for millions through EVENTS

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