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Flamingo Comedy Festival - Comic Cure


Since 2015, we’ve partnered with more than 2,500 comedians to raise awareness, volunteers, and funds for more than 250 non-profit organizations in South Florida, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. To make the greatest economic impact possible the Festival will be planned for the off-season of mid-to-late October. Our events in Boca Raton alone have hosted 3,898 guests, generating an economic impact of $124,541 in the local community.

The Flamingo Comedy Festival works closely with companies and organizations to understand their business objectives and determine with them the best fit of corporate sponsorship in order to meet their goals. Flamingo Comedy Festival corporate sponsors provide essential operating support for both the festival and the partner non-profit organizations, all while receiving a range of employee, entertainment, and marketing opportunities. Additionally, corporate sponsors enjoy customized experiences and access to the Flamingo Comedy Festival audience, as well as the benefits of a sustained collaboration with an organization focused on community well-being.

With a proven track record of success in South Florida, we believe that the Boca Raton market is poised to deliver an exceptional experience for comedy lovers. With numerous venues ranging in size from small cabarets to large auditoriums, an ample inventory of hotel rooms, along with world-class dining and shopping options, Boca is ideally situated to become the perfect host city for years to come

6+ Events

2,000+ Attendees

55% Women

Night of Spending: $31+ Per Person

15 Non-Profit Partners

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