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Red Meat Lovers Club


"Never seen anything like it - 175 People in June, In Florida, in the heat,

on a Monday, all guys and for charity -

If that doesn't tell you what devoted steaksmen we have....”


The Red Meat Lovers Club is one of the most exclusive men's group filled with Decision-makers of large scale and medium scale companies. The "Steaksmen" control much of the business landscape in the South Florida area. The group has been brought together purely for the joy of savoring meat, smoking cigars, enjoying a glass of bourbon and ultimately networking in the most decadent way.

The group also raises funds for select charities of choice throughout the year. They have raised over $200,000 in 2019. Their group of 1500 members is expanding into the NYC and Nashville areas.

Many events dot the calendar for Red Meat Lover's Club including an exclusive EPIC Super Bowl Party in Miami.

Contact us if you would like to participate with this high net worth group of individuals.

Our club is based around four core beliefs of enjoyment:

1. The Secretary of Steak believes all friends, coworkers, and strangers must come together over copious amounts of the glorious beast.

2. Cigars are a perfect accompaniment to smoke together and tell stories.

3. When in the company of cigars, beef, and friends, we raise glasses and toast each other’s accomplishments.

4. Friendships both personal and business are the natural greatness of this club. While this club is called The Red Meat Lover’s Club, the real name should be “Steaksmen” because we have one common make sure we are stronger as a group.

We exist dining, and ensure that we are the best business dining club in the country while making an indelible impact through charity involvement. Every “meating” is a exclusive curated experience specifically for our “steaksman”. This club is a lifestyle that can only be shared with similarly visioned members. We have the desire to beef, drink and laugh. This is the core of our existence.



-1,400 Florida Members (Nashville and NYC launching now)

-CEO Level /Business Owners

-Professionals including Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Finance, etc.

-Each event there are billons of net worth in the room

-Member Annual Income $350,000 and up

-Average Age 44 to 68

-1000 email addresses from event attendees


Social Impact

Over 40 events since the inception of the Red Meat Lovers Club

Over $200,000 raised in 1 year for 8 different charities

Average monthly raise is $15,500 with the record raised $35,000 in one month

2019 Charities include:

Make-a-Wish Foundation

George Snow Scholarship Fund

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Boys & Girls Club

Selfless Love

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Making Headway Foundation

Kids Cancer Foundation

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