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Strikes, Steaks & Stogies - Boca Raton, FL

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

In support of the George Snow Scholarship Foundation

produced by the Red Meat Lovers Club


This "meating" will mix the fun of bowling with your peeps, eating steaks with your friends and smoking a cigar with your buddies.

The RMLC will have an amazing night of team bowling for the purpose of generating funds for the venerable George Snow Scholarship Foundation. You will be assigned a team or you can come strong with a team of 4.

RMLC is highlighting an amazing cigar company to give you a unique smoking experience .

The event will feature a friendly competitive tournament with amazing prizes for the best team and best bowler. Are you going to be THE Champion?

Want to help your team and George Snow! Buy 10 pins at a time for $100. These pins will be added to your score (yes you now can bowl a 400) in one game! <snicker><snicker> Now we are making this tournament interesting!

For every $100 you spend on pins and silent/Chinese auction you will be given a raffle ticket by George Snow Foundation for a 1 in 300 chance to win 5k, 3k and 2k in cash!!!!

Be ready to laugh, mingle and have a great evening.

The menu will be executed by Potions In Motion and Sexzchef.

Think meat mountains, and rifs on bowling alley food.


Beef Pigs in a Blanket

Sliders with Cheese

Brisket Quesadilla


Sliced Filet Mignon

Cheesy Potatoes

Grilled Veggies

The Best Baby Back Ribs in Florida

Variety of Desserts

Sammy's Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

George Snow Scholarship Foundation is a local Boca Raton based charity who puts local students thru college. We worked with them last year and it was an amazing experience. We can't wait to work with them again.

Let be CHAMPIONS together!

The Secretary of Steak

Our fellow Partner in Prime Nathan Nachlas's (Nose and Sinus Institute of Boca Raton) wife Fran Durst Nachlas will be representing Red Meat Lover's Club at the Boca Ballroom Battle this Fall

Click here for more on the Red Meat Lover's Club.

For sponsorship Opportunities, contact

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